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      Plastic-free kraft paper tape

      • Writable Non-Coated Surface for Masking, Sealing, and Packaging Use.

      • Eco-Friendly and Recyclable, Easy-to-Tear


      • Multipurpose Paper Kraft Tape – This versatile kraft masking tape has a high-tensile strength which means it can be used for sealing carboard and heavy-duty packaging for moving, shipping, or long-term indoor storage.

      • Writable, Non-Coated Surface – Ideal for labeling boxes or staying more organized during a move our carton sealing tape provides a cleaning writing surface for pencils, pens, water-based marker pens, oily markers, and more.

      • Strong Adhesive Backing – Our eco-friendly material is made with 100% kraft paper and hotmelt glue which makes it stronger, more durable, and able to create a solid seal to ensure a lasting hold.

      • Long, Easy-to-Use Roll – Compatible with regular tape dispensers. Simply tear is smoothly across the edge to create the perfect length.

      • Eco-Friendly and Recyclable - safer for every day packaging, arts and crafts, sealing boxes, and other projects.



      1. <acronym id="1c8ld"></acronym>