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      WINGTAI adhesive product manufacturing factory was established. Open the first factory for adhesive tape in China.

      Develop China first set BOPP coating line and paper core line. Develop glue reactor in December.

      Develop multi purposes coating line for BOPP, kraft paper, EVA and silicon.

      Introduced the 1st laminating line, the  2nd BOPP coating line. Invested and founded Wingtai clothing factory.

      Introduced automatic multiple purposes slitter, coating production line.

      Invest 65 million for new factory, introduce the 2nd set of solvent recycle equipment.

      Start to build new factory for Wingtai adhesive.

      Founded Yongguan adhesive manufacturing company.

      Introduce 4 tape coating lines.

      Introduced the 1st 1.6m 120m/min coating line in China. New factory start operation

      Pass ISO9002 certification.

      Participate in Vietnam industry fair. Meet Vietnam vice Premier.

      Invested 5 million and founded Wuxi Yongguang adhesive manufacturing factory.

      Management creed "Everyone benefits from our creation and development."

      Rename as Wingtai(Zhongshan)Co.,Ltd.

      20 years anniversary. Green, eco-friendly, health and safety concept.

      Pass ISO14021 and ISO014025 certification. Invest 1.5 million for eco-friendly project.

      Pass ISO14001 certification. Invest 50 million for Zhejiang factory.

      Introduce fully automatic slitters and wrappers. Pass Sony GP certificate.

      Divide into 7 division management.

      Invest 150 million for Hubei new factory.

      Promote standard product, specification and price strategy.

      Pass ISO9001 & ISO14001 for 18 years

      "exquisite, professional, featured and creative" as the medium-term development strategy guiding ideology.


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